Year 3/4 (Miss Riddell)

Welcome to the Year 3 and 4 page! In Year 3 and 4 our class teacher is Miss Riddell. Our teaching assistants are Miss Burr and Mrs Robertson. We hope you enjoy looking at our class page, seeing what we are learning about this term and finding some useful website links too.

Each term we have an exciting new topic to guide our learning. This term our topic is Ancient Egypt.  We will be learning all about the lives, beliefs and buildings of people in Ancient Egypt. We will be developing our historical enquiry, mapping and artistic skills over this topic.

History and Geography

We will be learning about the major events in the Ancient Egyptian period and about famous Ancient Egyptians. We will will also be reading maps at a range of scales and learning about our local area in comparison to Egypt


In science, our topic is forces. We will be learning about the following forces:  magnetism, friction, air resistance, gravity and up-thrust

Art & DT

In Art, the children will be creating Egyptian art and will work with clay to create models of Egyptian artefacts.There will be many drama opportunities throughout the Egyptian topic to deepen understanding of major events.


We have recently been on a school trip to the Collection in Lincoln, where we were immersed in an Ancient Egyptian world. Our morning included: an archaeologist dig, searching for Ancient statues and a mummification activity, removing the organs from a body and placing the them into Canopic jars.

The afternoon then involved creating our own clay amulets and retelling a traditional Egyptian story through the art of drama. It was a super day and the pupils were excellent role models for the academy and showed exceptional manners and respect.