Year 3

Hello and welcome to our home page! In this year group, Miss Parker and Miss Webdill are the class teachers. They work with Mrs Smith who is the teaching assistant.

On this page, you can find out about the learning that takes place in these classrooms. Our learning links to specific topics that are designed to be taught across each full term. You can use this page to find out more about the topics we focus on. The page also contains a summary of what we will learn about in each topic. We hope you enjoy having a look at our page!

This term we will be looking at the topic ‘Chocolate'.

History, Geography and Science

Throughout the term, children will learn about the history of chocolate and how it gets from bean to bar. They will also travel back in time to learn all about the Aztecs, including their gods, their unique games and how they played a part in the development of 'chocolatl'. Children will also develop their map skills through locating areas around the world in which cocao beans are grown. During science lessons, children will learn more about human teeth and the importance of healthy eating. 


The Arts

Children will be focusing particularly on developing their sketching skills this term and will produce their own Quentin Blake style illustration. As part of this process, children will have the opportunity to learn the sketching style of Quentin Blake through step by step tutor videos. In Design Technology, children will be designing and creating their own chocolate bar and packaging . 


PE and Healthy Lifestyles

During PE lessons this term, children will continue to develop a range of core skills through football and dance. They will develop their knowledge of how to apply tactics in a competitive situation and explore a variety of dance styles. As part of our Healthy Lifestyles curriculum, children will learn the importance of warming up and cooling down before and after exercise, linking this learning to their science topic.


Learning for Life

To enhance our Life Skills curriculum, children will be taking part in enterprise lessons throughout this term with the goal of creating their own class business. Each class will have the opportunity to develop their enterprise skills throughout the term focusing on risk taking, problem solving, team work and decision making. Children will regularly participate in debates around current news topics and will develop communication and active listening skills through these sessions.


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