Year 1 (Mrs Rocks, Miss. Hickling)

Welcome back to the Year 1 page! In Year 1 we have two classes. Our class teachers are Mrs Rocks and Miss. Hickling. Our teaching assistants are Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Dale. We hope you enjoy looking at our class page, seeing what we are learning about this term and finding some useful website links too.

Again, we have been working hard to improve the curriculum for this term. We think that the children are going to love our new topic..."Holidays!" Afterall, everyone loves a holiday!


In history we will be finding out how people holidayed in the past, and in particular in Victorian times. We will find out where they went, how they got there and what they actually spent their time doing when they got there. 


We will explore the notions of global warming and the desruction of habitats. We will think about the impact that travel and tourism have on our planet, and how we can slow down the effects of this.

Art & DT

In art and D.T.this term we will be developing our collage skills alongside basic drawing and painting skills.


There will be many opportunities to study maps of old and new. We will develop the skill of using appropriate geographical vocabulary to describe the features iof different places.