Year 1 (Mrs Rocks, Miss Hickling)

Welcome back to the Year 1 page! In Year 1 we have two classes. Our class teachers are Mrs Rocks and Miss Hickling. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Marshall and Miss Johnson. We hope you enjoy looking at our Year 1 page, seeing what we are learning about this term and finding some useful website links too.

TERM 5 and 6 - Living Things and their Habitats

Our next topic in Year One will be focused around animals and their habitats. The children will begin the topic by looking at animals and their young. They will look at the similarties and differences at each stage of their life and investigate how this compares to human growth and change. The children will then go on to group animals according to their characteristics - skin/fur/number of legs. This information will then be used during our visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park at the end of June. 

In Science the children will look at life cycles of insects and the changes that occur at each point. Here they will also be introduced to the term extinct and what this means. Next the basic needs of humans will be explored to see what is needed for daily survival - food, water and shelter. Using this information the children will then decide what animals need and how to care for them. 

In Geography the children will begin to look at animal habitats around the world.  The different continents of the world will be explored and the different types of weather and landscape within these. Children will label the different countries within these continents and suggest the different types of animals that live there. They will investigate where these animals live and how they adapt to these different environments. 

In Art the children will look at the work of famous artists and ways they have represented animals using a range of different media. The children will explore various types of media to create their own artwork and enjoy sharing this with the class. 

In PSHE the children will investigate the different ways they belong to groups. These groups will include their family, friends, local community and clubs they attend. They will create their own family shield to share their interests and hobbies. The children will be asked to create their own family tree and look at how each family is different. 

In PSHE the children will investigate ways to lead a healthy lifestyle through eating a balanced diet and taking suitable amounts of exercise. The children will look at the effects of exercise on the body and how our bodies change when exercising. Next they will look at Stranger Danger and ways to stay safe when out in the local area. 

Alongside daily Maths and Phonics lessons the children will continue to enjoy weekly PE, French and Enterprise lessons. They will learn a new life skill during their termly Life Sim session. The children will continue to work outdoors during Forest School sessions.