Year 1

Welcome back to the Year 1 page! In Year 1 we have two classes. Our class teachers are Miss Parker and Miss Hickling. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Marshall and Mrs Robertson. We hope you enjoy looking at our Year 1 page, seeing what we are learning about this term and finding some useful website links too.

TERM 1 and 2 - The Circus

Our first topic in Year One will be focused around The Circus. The children will begin the topic by exploring the properties of materials. They will look at the similarties and differences of different materials. The children will then go on to investigate which materials are most suitable for a clown costume.

In Science the children will look at the properties of materials and how they can be grouped. They will compare materials and identify them in several ways. The children will carry out an experiement to discover which materials will make the best clown costume.  

In Geography the children will begin to look at where animals live in the world. They will gain an awareness of the seven continents and the countries within each continent. The children will begin to explore an atlas to locate the continents and countries. 

In History the children will be learning facts about the circus from the past and the present. They will learn about how animals were used in a circus. The children will also gain an understanding of the different costumes circus acts have worn and compare their differences. 

In Art the children will look at the work of famous artists. They will develop upon their drawing and shading skills through observational drawing. The children will make their own posters to advertise the circus. 

Alongside daily Maths and Phonics lessons the children will continue to enjoy weekly PE, French, Philosophy and Enterprise lessons. They will learn a new life skill during their termly Life Sim session. The children will continue to work outdoors during Forest School sessions.