The Reception team is comprised of a team of teachers, Miss Edey, Miss Heath, Miss Easey and Miss Parker, and a team of teaching assistants, Mrs Isherwood, Mrs Evans, Mrs Hampton and Mrs Hensman. We all work together to make your child’s time in Reception the best that it can be!

This term our topic is 'Our World'! We will be learning about lots of different topics, from farm animals to growing. 

Our curriculum is organised over the 6 areas of learning from the Early Years Currciulum. The information below gives an insight as to how this applies to our topic this term.


Personal and Social Development

As always, PHSE is an important focus for us. We are working kindly and politely at school within the boundaries of the rules and routines of Reception. We are trying to increase our independence skills every day, with most of us feeling confident about coming into school on our own and organsing ourselves throughout the school day. This will help us to feel confident in taking on new challenges throughout the year.

We also talk a lot about people's points of view and different ideas during our Philosophy discussions. Key questions are used to trigger thinking and speaking skills each week. We recognise that different people may have different ideas, and understand that this is OK. We try to use words such as, "agree / disagree" to express ourselves .

This term we will be looking at team work and how we can help each other, using traditional tales such as the little red hen to support this learning. 

As we approach the end of the Reception year we will be looking at transition, and thinking about moving to Year One!


Communication, Language and Literacy

The children will be taking part in targeted daily phonics sessions. This will lead to the development of both reading and writing skills across the curriculum. They will be focusing on forming letter shapes alongside beginning to spell words by using each sound they can hear. The chidlren will be learning how to recognise letter sounds and blend them together to read a word.

The chidlren will be taking part in supported 1:1 reading sessions with the adults and will be encouraged to change their home reading book often.


Physical Development

We will continue to be  focusing on changing ourselves reading for PE and being able to dress ourselves again as independently as possible. We will be playing physical games and increasing our special awareness.

The children will need to bring their PE kits every week, ready for PE which usually takes place each Thursay. Please ensure that all kit is named. During the summer term PE will usually take place outside, and so the children will need appropriate footwear.  

Fine motor skill development will be encouraged through the effective use of writing and drawing tools, as well as threading, sticking and the use of equipment such as peg boards.  


Mathematical Development

Within mathematics we will be continuing to develop number recognition, and our understanding of number. We will  use the numbers that we know in different problem solving activities, including addition and subtraction. Ordering numbers will also be a focus. Can you put numbers into the correct order to make your own number line? What if a grown up takes away a number? Can you work out which is missing?

You can help your child at home by continuing to practise recognising numbers around the environment, and counting how many things you can see, such as in shops or on houses. Saying 1 more or less at speed is an improtant skill in understanding number value. 


Understanding the World

Within our topic of 'Our World' we will be exploring animals that live locally, both on farms and in the wild. We will explore animal life cycles. We will be learning about how flkowers and food are grown, and what they need. We will have lots of fun finding out, exploring and asking and answering questions! You can support your child by researching our current topic to find out more at home!


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be exploring lots of different methods to create art work linked to our topic. We will also be working as teams within our classes to show what we have been learning in creative and fun ways, for example, by making up a dance or a song. Within our music sessions we will explore concepts such as pitch and volume.