Reception (Miss Edey and Miss Parker)

The Reception team is comprised of a team of teachers, Miss Edey and Miss Parker, and two teaching assistants, Mrs Isherwood and Mrs Hensman. We all work together to make your child’s time in Reception the best that it can be!

This term our topic is 'Make It'. We will be learning skills related to Construction, Cooking, Make It, Music and Upcycling. We shall be engaging in a wide range of learning experiences which will help us to further develop our understanding of the world around us. Activities will encourage us to become independent, motivated learners.

Our curriculum is organised over the 7 areas of learning from the Early Years Currciulum. The information below gives an insight as to how this applies to our topic this term.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

As always, personal, social and emotional development is a big focus. The children will be continuing to follow the rules and routines of Reception, as well as the whole school expectations. 

The children will be learning to consider what is right and what is wrong, and to understand the consequences of their own actions. 

We will also focus on making positive relationships through demonstrating friendly behaviour and learning how to interact with others. 

We will be preparing for change as we get ready to move into Year One.


Physical Development

We will continue to work on changing ourselves ready for PE and being able to dress ourselves again as independently as possible.

The children will need to bring their PE kits every week, ready for PE which will now take place on a Tuesday. This will be taught by our Multi Sport Pro (MSP) professional coaches.  During the summer term PE will usually take place outside, and so the children will need appropriate footwear.  Please ensure that all kit is named.

Fine motor skill development will be encouraged through the effective use of writing and drawing tools, as well as threading, sticking and the use of equipment such as peg boards.  


Communication and Language

In Reception the children will often use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play situations. They will have many oportunities to use talk for thinking in a range of situations, such as during Key Question. This is where the children will research the answers to their own topic based questions. 

The children will be learning to follow instructions involving several ideas or actions. 

Reception will also be learning to express themselves effectively, developing confidence in speaking and listening. 



The children will be taking part in targeted daily phonics sessions. This will lead to the development of both reading and writing skills across the curriculum. They will be focusing on learning to write simple labels, captions and sentences with support. They will learn the rules for writing, including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

The children will be taking part in supported 1:1 reading sessions with the adults and will be encouraged to change their home reading book often. They will be learning long vowel sounds in reading.

Reception will also be learning to read and recognise sight words with speed and fluency.



Within mathematics we will be developing number recognition, and our understanding of number. We will use the numbers that we know in different problem solving activities, including addition and subtraction. The children will be developing the skill of ordering numbers and saying what is one more or less than a given number. 

We will be using comparative language, such as 'more' and 'fewer' to talk about sets of objects. Reception will also be learning how to double and halve numbers which will be achieved practically throgugh a range of games, songs and activities. 

We will also be learning about shape, space and measure. The children will be recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes in the environment as well as using language to describe these.


Understanding the World

In Reception we enjoy taking our learning outdoors! During this time, children will be learning to distinguish between animals that are local and those from other habitats. They will also develop an understanding of growth and change in the natural world.

We will also enjoy learning about other cultures and traditions, through our Social, Moral, Spiritrual and Cultural (SMSC) learning time. 

During Key Question we will enjoy investigating new topics, learning to ask appropriate questions and developing the skill of researching answers.

The children will further develop the skills needed to operate simple ICT equipment. e.g. iPads, remote controlled objects or toys. Reception will enjoy learning through using a computer and ipad.


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be exploring lots of different methods to create art work linked to our topic. We will also be working as teams within our classes to show what we have been learning in creative and fun ways, for example, by making up a dance or a song. Within our music sessions we will explore concepts such as sound discrimination as well as keeping up with a beat or rhythm. As well as this we will be learning to name the various instruments used.

Children will engage in role play activities daily, creating own storylines and narratives.